Resident examines patient’s finger

  1. What is your minimum eligibility requirement?
    Please see Policy P.1 Resident Selection Criteria and Recruitment Process in the Residency Program Manual.
  2. Does your program participate in ERAS (Electronic Residency Application System)?
    The UAMS PM&R Residency Program participates in the ERAS.  Only applications received via ERAS will be considered.
  3. What is the application submission period?
    We accept applications through ERAS beginning September 1 through October 15.
  4. Do you accept IMGs (international medical graduates)?
  5. What kind of Visa do you sponsor for IMGs?
    The PM&R department will sponsor J-1 visas.
  6. Is US Clinical Experience or Observership experience required?
    This is not a requirement; however, it can be helpful.
  7. How many positions does your program accept?
    Currently we accept four PGY1 residents each academic year.
  8. What is the minimum score requirements?
    The program requires a minimum passing score on (USMLE or COMLEX) Step 1 and Step 2 examinations.  Applicants who have passed on the first attempt will receive preference.
  9.  Number of letters of recommendation required?
    Three letters of recommendation are required – at least one should be from a PM&R physician.
  10. Does your program offer observerships?
    The University policy allows rotations by medical students currently enrolled in LCME medical schools only; visit the College of Medicine website for more information.
  11. How will I know if I have been selected for an interview?
    You will be contacted via the email address you have provided on your application in ERAS.
  12. Does your program have a graduation year cut off?
    The UAMS PM&R Residency program does not have a graduation year cut off.
  13. Do I have to have an ECFMG certificate in order to receive an invitation to interview?
    No, however if matched the ECFMG certificate must be obtained prior to the start date for the academic year (July 1) otherwise your position is forfeited.