UAMS PM&R Advising and Mentoring Groups 2019-2020

Faculty Mentors  PGY4 PGY3  PGY2 PGY1
Howard /Tompkins Hunton Kaushik
Means /Mohney Poindexter Bider
Kiser /Stefans Nguyen Ali
Adeogba/ Lindberg Davila Ramavaram

Faculty/Resident Mentor Groups were created in the 2016-2017 academic year to fulfill ACGME requirements. The attending members serve as career and academic advisors to the residents assigned to the groups. The residents within the groups are assigned as mentors to each other. Ideally, these groups will lead to increased scholarly activity with the goal of each resident publishing a paper from their research.

For the 17-18 academic year, changes have been made to the didactic schedule to provide protected time for the Mentor Groups on the first Thursday of each month from 7:00 to 9:00 am. The groups can choose to meet in the PM&R Conference Room, the UAMS Library, or another area conducive to group work knowing that residents must be on time for the 8:00 am Tuesday lecture.

Responsibilities of the groups:

  • Discuss opportunities and ideas for scholarly activities/research projects/QI projects.
  • Submit meeting notes on project progress to faculty mentors, program director and resident coordinator
  • Residents within the group meet with one of the two faculty mentors yearly to discuss issues pertinent to that resident’s academic performance, scholarly activity, and career planning.  Meetings can be scheduled at your convenience and can be scheduled after hours if you so choose.

As each senior resident graduates, the group will be assigned a new member from the incoming intern class. In addition to providing mentorship, groups will be tasked to help each other complete scholarly/research projects with goals of presentation at conferences and ultimately writing the projects up for publication.

Faculty mentor assignments are made as able based on career-focus preference then made randomly from there. Despite formal assignments, residents are more than welcome to reach out to any faculty member for advice and mentorship.

Mentor Work Group Worksheet

Resident Research Project Informational Form